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Contact Notification

IoPlus notifies patrons in case of an outbreak.

IoPlus supports contactless sign-in solutions providing a hygienic, touch-free way to register anyone entering your workplace. Visitors can easily scan a printed QR code and sign in using their own mobile device. Users do not need to download an application; your employees can simply sign in using their smartphones, eliminating the need to sign in using a communal device.

3rd Party Validation

IoPlus establishes a trusted network.

Civic engagement and communications are critical to ensure that the public can trust contact tracing and notification solutions. IoPlus partners can prove to the public that their privacy will be protected. The IoPlus privacy review board will assess the system’s operation and ascertain the levels of risk.

Hotspot Detection

IoPlus improves hotspot localization.

As Ontario and Toronto are both aiming to improve testing, IoPlus can offer public health information on the business sector and geographic infection hotspots. IoPlus supports streamlined public health notification when individuals are exposed. With one click, individuals can self-assess and opt to share their information and histories with local public health agencies and units. This can help with prioritizing testing in the region.

Privacy by Design

IoPlus follows the Ten Principles of Canadian privacy law.

Information that identifies individuals is stored in an encrypted vault. Personal contact information is never shared with business owners. Data for each individual will be stored and encrypted individually and will not be aggregated or linked unless there is a request by public health.

Safe Business Operation

Businesses need to reopen with the confidence that they are doing everything they can to protect staff and customers. They need to access the most up-to-date guidance on re-opening: disinfecting protocols, appropriate personal protective precautions, social distancing, and other public health standards, as they evolve. IoPlus supports timely access to relevant financial aid calculators and other tools to inform business decisions, and trusted and timely advice on compliance.

Capacity Management

IoPlus capacity management feature means you know who is on-site or in your building, at all times. Organizations are required to monitor their premises to make sure that capacity isn’t exceeded and distances are maintained, including in line-ups. Depending on the jurisdiction, Public Health orders requires organizations, restaurants, gyms, to maintain a certain capacity limit. This is either determined as a portion of the regular capacity pre-COVID, or based on how many people can be onsite while still maintaining a two-meter distance between groups.


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