About us

IoPlus is a client and employee check-in solution for businesses and institutions. IoPlus facilitates COVID-19 screening, and supports contact tracing and notification in the event of an outbreak.


  • Enables businesses and institutions easily to fulfill their responsibility to aid public health investigations
  • Improves customer experience by making screening and ordering quick and easy
  • Web-based system means that users don’t have to install an app
  • Check-in using existing email and social media accounts is easy and familiar for users
  • Check-in and check-out system enables businesses to identify which clients may have been exposed to COVID-19, and to advise only these clients to self-isolate and get tested
  • Client privacy is protected – IoPlus does not track users and uses client information only to support notification

IoPlus is a solution created by KI Design. KI is an innovation leader whose mission is to protect and improve the efficiency of organizations by implementing big data and social media analytics, privacy, cybersecurity, and portfolio management solutions.