Contact Tracing for Corporations

Visitor Management

Enterprise single sign-on


As employees walk into your business they can authenticate themselves using your corporate network. IoPlus supports Microsoft Active Directory and Google Cloud Sign-in, in addition to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook integration.

Seat booking tool
to manage your work space

prepare for A successful RETURN TO WORK.

Seat booking management allows corporations to measure accurately how work spaces are used, especially when your employees split their time between home and office. The IoPlus seat assignment feature manages accurate seat assignments and measures utilization of permanently assigned seating. Organizations can better manage infection risk and forecast changes and trends by linking actual utilization to maintained seat assignments. With IoPlus, know exactly how people use your space daily with technologies you currently have in place.


Five minute setup

YOU CAN tailor your welcome MESSAGE to your industry, CLIENTS, LOGO, and your COLOuR PREFERENCES.

With the IoPlus visitor management system, you can customize the sign-in page at your entrances to engage with your visitors and market your brand to this captive audience. We handle multiple entry and exit points and bring it all together in a handsome, streamlined dashboard. IoPlus seamless sign-on will ensure your organization makes a beautiful first impression.

Premium Features


PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE and your reputation by managing compliance with PUBLIC HEALTH DIRECTIVES.

IoPlus capacity management feature means you know who is on site or in your building at all times. Organizations are required to monitor their premises to make sure that capacity isn’t exceeded and distances are maintained, including in line-ups. Depending on the jurisdiction, Public Health orders require organizations, restaurants, and gyms to maintain a certain capacity upper limit. Our capacity management tool keeps you up to date on how close you are to that limit.