Vision Mission and Principles


At, our mission is to democratize outbreak management one company at a time.

Who we are

IoPlus is a non-profit organization that manages a trusted outbreak notification network. IoPlus validates and oversees outbreak compliance. The IoPlus network takes responsibility for auditing participating organizations and managing consent and compliance validation.


Outbreak Management & Analytics Data Trust Platform Principles

We are committed to ensuring the IoPlus platform is accountable to privacy regulations and Privacy By Design principles. We protect user privacy by governing data according to a public-interest trust model.

We are dedicated to upholding IoPlus users’ privacy rights:

  • Open access: IoPlus is a hosted version of open source contact tracing software. We are completely transparent about how IoPlus works.
  • Right to access: Individuals will be able to see all data that IoPlus collects on them, and who has accessed their data.
  • Challenging compliance: We welcome questions and complaints and will take prompt action to address concerns.
  • Legal and contractual frameworks: We will ensure that the nonprofit platform operator, the network of data partners, and any users of IoPlus data are held to effective legal privacy agreements.
  • Enforcement: We take responsibility for auditing participating organizations and managing consent and compliance validation. We will enforce the trust legal agreement if partners are found not to be respecting our terms.
  • Civic engagement: We are committed to participating in civic dialogue around contact tracing systems to ensure transparency and democratic legitimacy.
  • We work in partnership with public health units, businesses, governments and researchers to advance the goal of reducing the spread of COVID-19. Data that we share will be used only for this purpose, and will be anonymized whenever possible.
  • Business model: The basic version of IoPlus is free, and what’s currently free will remain so in the future. We keep our solution available by offering paid upgrades and customization. We will never sell your data.
  • Privacy-protective technology platform: IoPlus is running a pilot test of a secure, privacy-protective network for sharing data with partners. We will invite white-hat hackers to attempt to break into our system to verify its security.

What we do

IoPlus is currently leading the field as the only Outbreak Management & Analytics Data Trust Platform. brings the IoPlus experience to a global audience.

We offer a hosted version of the open source software. Here, you can track visitor contacts in seconds without any technical knowledge. We believe in empowering global businesses to manage contact tracing to reduce the risk of workplace COVID-19 outbreaks.

All of us at IoPlus constantly work on improving the platform. We roll out updates almost daily, and develop integration services, to enhance your ability to respond quickly and effectively to outbreaks. We want to build products, features, and themes you will love using, so don’t hesitate to leave us your feedback.

Almost everything on IoPlus is free, and what’s currently free will remain so in the future. We keep your sites free by offering upgrades and customization.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or a business owner, we know you are worried about keeping your business running. If you’re a current user, thanks for choosing us — we love having you around.

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